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Event: Carnival
Activities: Carnival in Portugal is celebrated throughout the country, the most famous are the ones of Ovar, Madeira, Loulé, Podence and Torres Vedras. The ones from Podence and Lazarim have pagan traditions, namely the Careto, and Torres Vedras Carnival is seen as the most typical Portuguese carnival.Paradoxically, Portugal having introduced Christianity and the customs related to Catholic practice to Brazil, has started to adopt some of the aspects of Brazilian-style Carnival celebrations, in particular those of Rio de Janeiro with sumptuous parades, Samba and other Brazilian musical elements.

Event:Amsterdam Canal Festival
Activities:The Grachtenfestival is an annual (classical) music festival, which takes place in Amsterdam in locations of particular architectural, historical and cultural interest. Renowned soloist and ensembles come together to create programmes especially for the festival, inspired each year by a different theme. The Grachtenfestival also provides a podium for avant premieres and previews of programmes to be performed later in the season elsewhere in the Netherlands. The Grachtenfestival is a forum for young talent, and includes the Kindergrachtenfestival, which puts on a variety of productions for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers. In the 10 years that it has existed, the Grachtenfestival has become firmly entrenched in the city of Amsterdam as well as on the international festival scene. In 2005 Reader’s Digest declared the Grachtenfestival “The best festival in Europe”.

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